The COIN Home Page

COIN is an interdenominational group of Christian users of the Internet.

COIN exists to encourage and to help churches, church organisations and individuals to make good use of the Internet.

COIN seeks to ensure an active Christian presence on the Internet to serve as a witness to the wider world.

COIN provides a number of different email lists in order to provide a forum for people to seek help and share ideas and views on a wide range of topics from a Christian perspective.

Reports of the 2015 AGM are on the site

There is a collection of documents here

Other (less formal) reports anmd pictures will be added just as soon as the reporters and photographers produce the goods!

On this site you will find details of COIN activities, membership, advice, help, and email lists. Many of the pages invite you to contribute; to make comments, add information and ask questions.  All submissions are moderated and will appear when they have been reviewed.